A lista abaixo foi retirada do blog Adventures of a Gringa in Rio, São 10 videos que estão no YouTube de estrangeiros em nossa cidade, ponto alto James Bond e Pato Donald. Ponto baixo? O Governator.


  • 10. Bob Marley in Rio, wandering around Copacabana
    9. Snoop Dog & Pharrell music video in Rio: on the Lapa steps, the beach and Parque Lage
    8. Mariah Carey in Sao Paulo, being embarrassed by hysterical fans
    7. Michael Jackson music video in Rio & Salvador favelas
    6. Will Smith lives it up in Rio and tries tropical fruit
    5. Richard Gere in a Brazilian hair product commercial, speaking Portuguese
    4. John Legend music video in Rio, featuring the star of City of God
    3. Arnold Schwarzenegger in Rio during Carnival, being a spectacular jackass
    2. James Bond in Rio, riding along the boardwalk and fighting on the Sugarloaf cable car
    1. Donald Duck in Rio


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